The Right Way to Clean Makeup Tools

The Right Way to Clean Makeup Tools - You need to draw a beautiful makeup every day, certainly cannot do without the help of makeup tools. We should pay attention to clean the skin, and makeup is neglected obscure tool for cleaning it. To know that if you do not do regular cleaning of the skin these make-up tools can give you bring a lot of bacteria. Here to teach you some commonly used methods on cleaning makeup tools.

Eyelash curler

The rubber pad and the pad above of the eyelash curler are most likely contaminated with metal clip mascara, and if mascara remaining on the top of the rubber pad will cause corrosion. So you can use Eye and Lip Makeup Remover to clean it. In addition, the eyelash curler should be sterilized with alcohol cotton pad every day, once rubber pad was dirty, it should immediately replaced in order to protect the eye skin and eyes with long health.

How to clean?

Step1, put some amount of Eye and Lip Makeup Remover on cotton

Step2, the eyelash curler on the stain with a cotton pad dampened with Eye and Lip Makeup Remover wipes away

Step3, eyelash curler clean, as if new.

Maintenance TIPS:

1, each time on mascara before clip bent eyelashes, so they will not get dirty easily eyelash curler.

2, use paper towels after each use, wipe dirt.

Cosmetic bag

Cosmetic are every woman's must-carrying things. Check your makeup bag, whether lined attached to colorful cosmetics? Because we need to use the cosmetic now and then, and the occasional cleaning or replacement will adversely affect the facial skin. If you are using a cloth cosmetic bag, you had better wash it once a week and it should be replaced after one year.

How to clean?

Either material makeup bag, the contents are always clean and maintain the focus of cosmetic clean, it is recommended to use diluted alcohol, alcohol: distilled water = 7:3 concentration of reconciliation, then a towel or facial tissue dampened with a regular clean cosmetics, skin care products and surface casing, so I can make the contents cosmetic clean, up and be more comfortable in your makeup!

If you want to be thoroughly disinfected to ensure 100% bacteria disappear, we must help earn disinfectant hand-La!

Step1, pour about 8 hours a lid Le disinfectant, the disinfectant into a small cup of clear water within.

Step2 will put effective toiletries dip cup for 1-2 minutes.

Step3, wash thoroughly with water.

3, folders will not be too hard lashes; otherwise it will affect the life of the rubber pad, so that also negative on the eyelashes.

4, if the eyelash curler on the rubber mat aging, cracks or fracture phenomenon, we should get a new one, or will hurt eyelashes.

5, either with a brush or eyelash curler, usually best kept in the pen (plus dust cover), or brush with a special box.

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